The Abbotsford Pilot’s Game Day Staff


The following is a list of our dedicated, volunteers- that without we would not be able to operate. Thank you to everyone who supports the Abbotsford Pilots.

If you are looking to Volunteer- please see our volunteer page for open positions.

50/50 Tickets Aryln Araza
Administration Heather Wiens
Anthem Beatriz Frede
Box Office/ Passes Barb Lusty
Camera Operator looking- please see volunteer page
Equipment Assistant looking- please see volunteer page
Game Day Announcer Phil Mante
Allison Soukeroff
Game Day Events Victoria Cecelio
Game Day Host looking- please see volunteer page
Goal Judge Jeff James
Hospitality Coordinator Jo Newton
Lynn Gilmour
Live Score Keeper ooking- please see volunteer page
Music Coordinator Matthew Babcock
Play by Play Jeremy Gray
Quinn Donovan
Store Sales Melanie Cecelio
Scorekeeper Ken Clossen
Lucella Ryan
Security John Ennis
Hart Wachsmann
Greg Taylor
Social Media Kristalee Walchuk
Team Photographer Melody Fast
Simrit Saini –
Time Keeper Eric Materi
Mya Sache
Website Kristalee Walchuk